Friday, June 4, 2010

pyjama problem

i like climbing up the rambutan tree in front of my house,especially when it has loads of friut on it.
one morning i arrived from a slumber party at my friend's house still wearing pyjamas.But seeing the rambutan tree with a lot of fruit,i couldn't resist the temptation to climb it without changing my pyjamas first.Some of my neighbors who happened to walk past my house stopped and asked for a share of rambutans.I was busy reaching for the fruits when out of the blue rrrrriiiippp..!!! I was frozen.What sound was that?I looked down and saw the neighbors first looking speechlessly at each other in a perplexed way, then bursting into laughter so loud that their eyes filled with tears!Later i realized that the weird sound came from my pyjama bottoms. They were torn about 10cm long.
Without thinking, i jumped to the ground and ran into house without looking back at the crowd

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